target age range 10+Sly Rock & Pop


Compilation CD of finished work.
Live “gig”.


Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Compose, play and perform original music and lyrics
  • work with professional musicians
  • have a band “masterclass”
  • play/sing cover versions
  • record their work in our mobile recording studio
  • produce a finished CD of their work.
  • perform their finished work to peers/mums and dads etc

If there is a particular theme that you would like to focus the workshops on, for example: bullying, health issues, this can be accommodated too.

Sly will provide all equipment and resources required to deliver the workshop.

Workshop format

We at Sly have, through experience found that there always needs to be an element of flexibility in a workshop schedule, however we often start with the following model:

Sly will set up equipment in 2 or 3 areas, and the participants each become a member of a band.

Working with the Sly Musicians, there’s a lot of jamming, creativity and song writing.

When the band are practiced, they move to the studio and record their work.

For the last bit of the workshop, we often put on a live performance, showcasing the work created to an invited audience of peers, mums and dads etc…….

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