target age range 12+Sly Live and Tech


To produce a compilation CD of original music, using decks, live instruments and voice with music technology.


Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • compose original music and lyrics
  • work with professional musicians, DJ and MC
  • play and record live musical instruments
  • produce and edit their work using computer based editing programs
  • combine live music performance with music technology
  • compile and edit the audio using computer based software, to produce a finished CD of their work.
  • perform their finished work to peers/mums and dads etch

If there is a particular theme that you would like to focus the workshops on, for example: bullying, health issues, this can be accommodated too.

Sly will provide all equipment and resources required to deliver the workshop.

Workshop format

We at Sly have, through experience found that there always needs to be an element of flexibility in a workshop schedule, however we often start with the following model:

Sly will have for example 4 areas in which the participants work:

  • Area 1 : Studio recording/jamming/writing
  • Area 2 : Lyric writing and vocal recording
  • Area 3 : Editing and production
  • Area 4 : DeeJaying

Working in smaller groups, everybody will visit and revisit each area to add something to their track.

All the work in progress is saved centrally, and so is accessible from all areas via the Sly computer network.

As the workshop develops, and the participants “take ownership” of the project, the timetable becomes more flexible, and work is focussed in the areas needed to finish the track.

If appropriate, for the last bit of the last day, a live performance showcasing the finished work to an invited audience of mums and dads, aunties, uncles, mates etc…….

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