The Artsark is an ever expending vault of work produced on Sly workshops.

Scunny Rocks

Venue: 20/21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
Workshop type: Delta Sly - Lets Rock

HMP Exeter

Venue: HMP exeter
Workshop type: Rock and Pop

Press-Play Tour

Venue: Various
Workshop type: Press-Play


In Literally a once in several lifetimes opportunity. A timeless legacy of original words and music created by young people for a new Millennium.
Venue: various

Glen Hills ICT Week

Venue:Glenhills Primary School
Workshop type: Bespoke

The Warehouse

Venue: The warehouse, North Yorkshire
Workshop type: Music and media

Broughton Alive

Venue: Thomas Estley Community College, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire
Workshop type: Community Web site

Sketchy Wheelers

Venue: CYC Bus
Workshop type: Web weavers

The Sea

Venue: All Saints Church of England Primary School, Wigston, Leicester
Workshop type: Press-Play

Cast the Castle

Venue: Fulhurst Community College
Workshop type: Making Movies

Bridge 2 Music

Venue: Bridge to School, Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre, Croyden
Workshop type: Press-Play

Press-Play - Birkett House Special school

Venue: Guthlaxton College
Workshop type: Press-Play

Gifted Films

Venue: Guthlaxton college
Workshop type:Making Movies

3 Day Play

Venue: Guthlaxton College
Workshop type: Making music

Sinfin - Network Music Workshop

Host: The Network
Venue: The new Scills Centre, Sinfin.

CYC Mini youth Arts Festival

Host: Connecting Youth Culture

Delta Sly Rock School Yorkshire

Host: Pied Piper

Delta Sly Rock School Yorkshire 2001


4 y p In Care

Venue: Northallerton County Hall
Group name: Teenagers at work
Workshop type: Web weavers

Beaumont Leys School History Stars

Venue: City Learning Centre
Workshop type: Audio Art

English Martyrs sampled music technology workshop

Venue: English Martyrs
Workshop type: Making Music

English Martyrs History Workshop

Venue: English Martyrs
Workshop type: Audio Art

B.L.S. Radio

Venue: Beaumont Leys School
Workshop type: Audio Art