Alex Barwell

Alex Barwell


  • Always demonstrates excellent time management and organisational skills.
  • Ability to communicate on many levels and displays first-rate interpersonal skills.
  • A very motivated and determined individual.
  • Always punctual and appreciates the need for a high level of timekeeping.
  • Pays attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Ability to multitask under pressure.
  • Ability to work with challenging individuals or groups.
  • Self disciplined with the ability to self learn to academic standards and beyond.
  • Have a trustworthy and honest personality.


Sly Community Arts LTD
Community Arts Workshop Leader March 2004 – Present

  • Required to deliver workshops as a team member in challenging circumstances and under pressure.
  • Individually maintain control and order, as well as peace and harmony within a class of students.
  • Required to educate groups or individuals of all ages that may have no prior learning.
  • Required to be CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) approved when working in prisons or with children.
  • Maintaining course syllabus using a forward thinking approach showing awareness and initiative.
  • Adaptable time management skills required when delivering course.
  • Required to show equality.
  • Improvisation skills required showing ability to cope with the uncertainty of each workshop.
  • Ability to give live performances on demand.

Kunnin Mindz Radio
Radio Show Presenter January 2003 – January 2006

  • Organise and present weekly radio show, listen to by over 1000 people.
  • Required to source new and existing artist for live performances and interview on the show.
  • Ability to use radio communications to broadcast and communicate with the listeners.
  • Required to perform a live mix each and every week on air.

Loughborough College / Soar Valley Music Centre
Lecturer September 2001 – February 2003

  • Responsible for teaching a class of students the art of DJ’ing including beat mixing, scratching and remixing.
  • Development and design of Deejay course. The Syllabus is used to gain accreditation to a OCN level 3 standard
  • Responsible for students from different levels of education and backgrounds.
  • Required to, sometimes work with limited resources.
  • Responsible for assessment, marking and grading of students work.

Formation Records LTD
Label & Office Manager January 1999 – February 2006

  • Responsible for all artist royalty accounts both sales and debtors ledger.
  • Web Master for company web site administrating HTML web pages and Perl written modules in a SSL environment.
  • Assisted with the design and commissioning of the online shop following by ongoing maintenance and improvement.
  • Required to produce a ‘Digital Music - Downloads and Online Sales’ management report discussing all areas of digital music.
  • Database development and management.
  • Artist Management; develop, discipline and nurture new and existing artists.
  • Office Management; senior to all staff members and acting director of the company.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of accounting spreadsheets.
  • Responsible for all company releases, both single and album, and products, maintaining and demanding release schedule.
  • Responsible for company, artist and release promotion.
  • Responsible for the manufacturing of products, including estimated quantity levels and price negotiation.
  • Ensure discreet and utmost confidentiality of all business.
  • Responsible for all aspects involved in the relocation of the company office space.
  • Responsible for acquiring and negotiating a direct digital music distribution contract with apple i-Tunes.
  • Released music as an artist including singles and albums in mainstream circulation.
  • Required to learn Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and Public Right Society laws and governing procedures.
  • Required to learn Licensing law and be able to adapt law abiding recording and licensing contracts.

Club Sonic Boom
Co Owner (Promoter & DJ) October 1998 – January 2006

  • Required to organise every aspect of each event.
  • Responsible for booking highly acclaimed professional artists and acts for performance.
  • Required to promote each event with minimal budget and resources.
  • Required to perform as a DJ.
  • Responsible for the final sound checking approval.
  • Responsible for production and the layout of the event.
  • Responsible for all financial matters.
  • Required to have a high level of customer relation skills when working with, potentially, unpredictable people and situations.

Personal Best Productions
Professional DJ & Dance Music Producer September 1998 – Present

  • Ability to perform errorless DJ Mix sets in front of up to 10,000 people worldwide.
  • Ability to be self motivated and promote myself as an industry professional artist.
  • Ability to produce dance music to a main stream releasable standard.
  • Required to show outstanding individual talent in a very competitive environment
  • Required to be able to continuously improve my own technical ability as a performer enhancing artist development skills.
  • Required to look forward and envisage future trends and music styles.
  • Required to show self disciplined artistic development techniques.
  • Required to be inline with current music trends, injecting personal taste, individuality and flare to each performance.

General Employment History
Working part time at Mandamus business solution where I helped co-ordinate and develop websites, and was instructed in PC Maintenance and construction, and some basic network set up and design techniques working on their multi platform network using UNIX, Mac and PC machines.

I gave Lectures at De-Montfort University, where I spoke to over 50 music technology students about music industry and artist management, showing organisational and presentational skills and confidence.


  • 2002 – 2006 De Montfort University, Leicester
    BSC (Single Honours) Computer Science – 2.1 Classification
    Advanced Web Applications / Services and Database Connectivity using java 3-Tier technology and MVC Model View Controller architecture.
    Broadband Networks – Integrated networks and Multiservice networks.
    Network Protocols.
    Java programming.
  • 1994 – 1996 Leicester ITEC, Leicester
    A Level I, II & III vocational qualification
    Information Technology advanced Diploma in Computer Applications.
  • 1992 – 1994 Guthlaxton College, Leicester
    7 GCSEs
    3 Grade (C) - English, Computing and Technology
    2 Grade (D) – Maths, Physical Education
    1 Grade (F) – Economics
    1 Grade (E) - Science

Interests and Achievements

I enjoy socialising with my partner, friends and family, going to see live comedy acts, music events and going to festivals. I like to keep fit and run on a regular basis and play friendly 5 a-side football from time to time. My main hobbies revolve around music. I am a keen music producer and enjoy working together with live musicians and vocalists and have had a number records released into the main stream market. Music production was the next move from my teenage hobby DJ’ing which has taken me all over the world including Miami, Estonia, Germany, Geneva, Holland to name but a few where I have mixed in front of hundreds of people for various promotions. My DJ’ing skills have been recognised globally and I have released a number professional mixed CD’s for record labels that are sold in major music stores. I was invited to appear on BBC Radio1 Xtra to perform a DJ mix live on air. I wrote an OCN Qualification level I, II and III syllabus in DJ Mixing which was passed by a government board and was taught at Loughborough College by myself and others. I ran one of Leicester’s longest running and most successful club nights from 1998 to 2006, when the decision was made to end the night in its glory and move on.

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