About us

Sly Community Arts (Sly) was founded in 1997. The Company was created by a collective of local musicians, who for several years had worked together delivering arts projects across Leicestershire and the UK. These projects were primarily recording and performance based music workshops.

Since this time, the organisation has expanded considerably. Sly has delivered workshops to a range of client groups, reaching a broad spectrum of participants across age ranges, including special needs institutions, prisons, mental health institutions, primary schools, high schools, higher education colleges, as well as community and youth groups. During it’s time Sly has delivered over 100 projects and 1000 workshops!

Although the majority of work has focussed on music based projects, Sly has also significant experience across a range of art/media disciplines, such as web design, graphics, video (shooting and editing), and graffiti art.

Consultancy work undertaken by Sly has included a number of (successful) arts college bids in Leicestershire (Guthlaxton College, Rawlins Community College and English Martyrs school). Consultancy positions have covered technical aspects, building design (in collaboration with architects), studio design, specification and installation as well as staff and student training.

Sly’s work is nationwide and increasingly international. Recently Sly has worked in Germany and Poland.

The main focus of work currently undertaken is live music, music technology, DJ and MC based, for which Sly has found great demand. Sly is also finding demand and increasing regular weekly residential placements for staff for a number of weeks/months.